Serving Erie, PA for over 30 years, Bates Collision is your one-stop-shop for all your collision repair needs. Our mission is to restore your car, and get you back on the road, safely. One of the many things we offer with your collision repairs is efficient care. We evaluate all damages, repair, restore, and then buff, polish and detail; so when you get your vehicle back, it’s almost brand new! Contact us today for more information on our collision services at (814) 899-7766!

Immaculate Polishing

Minor and medium imperfections in your paint can be buffed out with the proper polishing techniques. We can quickly polish away:

  • Light scratches
  • Paint oxidation

Using professional buffing equipment, we’re able to use polishes with resins that are meant to restore your vehicle’s paint to almost factory-level perfection. We’ll polish and then wax the vehicle to ensure it has a protective coating to protect against: salt, oxidation, and scratching.


After we have completed repairs on your vehicle, the next step in the repair process is to detail your vehicle. Detailing a vehicle combines washing and drying as well as waxing in most situations. When we detail a vehicle, this is done to restore your vehicle’s look to near-factory level new. We do it all:

  • Condition your tires to make them look new and protect them from brake dust.
  • Vacuum the interior carpeting and floor mats, so they look as good as new.
  • Go over the exterior trim to ensure that it’s grease and dirt-free and sparkles like new.

We recommend that you should wax your vehicle in late fall before the snow flies and before the summer sun starts to beam down on your vehicle to keep it looking good.

Contact Bates Collision today at (814) 899-7766 to make an appointment. We offer a 100% custom satisfaction guarantee!